duminică, 20 februarie 2022

Programul de azi

 Programul  de  azi  al  Bisericii  Baptiste  Speranța.  Dați  click aici

marți, 15 februarie 2022

Vladimir Putin has seen his dream come true

 I look closely at what is happening in Ukraine. I don't know if the Russian army is even withdrawing from the border with Ukraine, or if it's just a scenario where they want to distract us and then attack by force. What is certain is that Vladimir Putin has seen his dream come true. He managed to demean the great leaders of the democratic world. He made them pray for him. An image shot inside and out. Internally, it has gained popularity, and externally it has instilled fear in people and shown that it is a country whose views we must take into account.

luni, 14 februarie 2022

Why don't I celebrate Valentine's Day?

 First of all, because I'm alone and I have no one with me. Secondly, I don't think it takes a day to celebrate love. Love must be celebrated daily. We in Romania have Dragobete which is on February 24th.

joi, 10 februarie 2022

Jehovah's Witnesses - Religion or Business?

 I want to tell you that Jehovah's Witnesses are a heretical sect that has severely deviated from Bible teachings. Today, looking for something on, I wanted to see if there was anything related to this sect and I wrote in search on Amazon. Surprise ! Jehovah's Witnesses sell a lot of things. Mugs, T-shirts, blouses, pens. All with the symbol This is clearly business, not faith. Does God love such a thing? Of course not.

marți, 8 februarie 2022

Ukraine - a danger that no one thinks about

 The conflict in Ukraine is a regional danger. But it can turn into a global danger. I kept reading how the Russians merged troops on the Belarusian border with Ukraine. I was horrified. Because there is a danger that I see that no one globally notices. It's about Chernobyl. What do we do if they attack in that region? Are we going to witness a new nuclear accident? World leaders should think seriously about this.