marți, 1 august 2023

sâmbătă, 22 aprilie 2023


 In less than a week, 2 Romanian journalists committed suicide due to depression. This issue should be taken seriously. About 3 years ago, I myself was depressed. I got rid of this depression only when I got to Hope Baptist Church. I went to see what it was like, liked it and decided to stay there. It is painful that I see many people laughing at such posts. There are also some "church faces" (such as Baștovoi) who make fun of the subject. Now we should work together. I mean those in the medical field and those in the Christian field (priests, pastors, preachers, elders).

vineri, 13 ianuarie 2023

Gagauzia or how we are cursed on our money

  The Gagauzia region, an area that has a degree of autonomy, is one of the big problems of the Republic of Moldova. That apart from Transnistria. Irina Vlah, the mayor of this region, was supported by the PSRM (Party of the Socialists of the Republic of Moldova.)

This political formation hates Romania, but not Romanian money. A valid thing for many political formations from Chisinau. What is strange is the fact that Romania invests the most money in this region. This lady, Irina Vlah, poses with the representatives of Romania, when they inaugurate a goal made with Romanian money, then she curses Romania and praises Russia. Then why doesn't Russia give you money? I, for one, am tired of Romania being cursed on our money. This in the conditions where in districts such as Fălești or Ungheni, where the share of the Romanian population is very high, the investments made by the Romanian state are almost non-existent. Romanian children from these districts need, for example, some buses to go to school. It is a great pain for the inhabitants of these districts to see how Romanian money goes to a region where the people there hate Romania

duminică, 20 februarie 2022

Programul de azi

 Programul  de  azi  al  Bisericii  Baptiste  Speranța.  Dați  click aici

marți, 15 februarie 2022

Vladimir Putin has seen his dream come true

 I look closely at what is happening in Ukraine. I don't know if the Russian army is even withdrawing from the border with Ukraine, or if it's just a scenario where they want to distract us and then attack by force. What is certain is that Vladimir Putin has seen his dream come true. He managed to demean the great leaders of the democratic world. He made them pray for him. An image shot inside and out. Internally, it has gained popularity, and externally it has instilled fear in people and shown that it is a country whose views we must take into account.

luni, 14 februarie 2022

Why don't I celebrate Valentine's Day?

 First of all, because I'm alone and I have no one with me. Secondly, I don't think it takes a day to celebrate love. Love must be celebrated daily. We in Romania have Dragobete which is on February 24th.