sâmbătă, 23 septembrie 2017

Is this an idiot?

I hear that Dodon's supporters are protesting tomorrow. Is this an idiot? He probably wants a bit of a conflict. He would have a pretext to call on the Dniester boys for help.

People say I eat too many sweets and it's not good.

People say I eat too many sweets and it's not good. That's how my life is soothing. At the age of 31, as many as a couple of weeks. my life is pretty bitter I sweeten my life with chocolate. I can not. I can not afford to make my life with a girl. For a girl, hundreds of euros are needed.

Wedding in Bessarabia

"Wedding in Bessarabia" is the only Romanian film that I enjoy with great pleasure. That's because it's an excellent film for the connoisseurs of the situation in Chisinau. This movie also brought me a prize. I have a vague impression that this prize is on the list of many awards I forgot to raise. I also wanted to make a wedding in Bessarabia. But I've already taken my thoughts. Now I only think about promoting my opinions.

marți, 19 septembrie 2017

Would that be a solution?

Solving the Transnistrian conflict is a serious problem for the Republic of Moldova. An issue that does not seem to be solved. Transnistria is in an increasingly strong crisis. Russia has no money to give. Russia has no money for it either. But he does not even want to give up this piece of land. It's a strategic area. It can bother Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

Igor Dodon proposes, as a solution, that the Transnistrian region be given to Ukraine. It could be a solution to the conflict.But it would be better to exchange territories. Ukraine to exchange Bugeac.The problem is that Ukraine will not accept Dodon's proposal. Why ?That would mean that there will be more Russian troops on its territory. Let's not forget that Ukraine is at war with Russia. Another problem is the Novorusia project. We risk not being awake with a Novorusie that includes the Republic of Moldova. To conquer the whole eastern part of Ukraine. To reach the Dniester, by giving Transnistria to Ukraine, then to conquer the Republic of Moldova and reach the mouth of the Danube.
That is why Dodon's solution will not be achieved.

If Poroshenko signs the law

If Poroshenko signs the law, it will be his political end and will shake the Ukrainian state. Vladimir Putin will not be silent.