miercuri, 11 martie 2015

Without passport in Bessarabia.

Unionist Action Platform 2012 invites you to protest in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express our disagreement with the need for Romanian citizens possess a passport if they want to travel to Moldova. In the present context have fewer Romanian passport after Romania joined the EU in 2007 We can also travel on the bulletin and in countries like Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Georgia - states like Moldova is not in the EU This situation is even more unnatural, how are aware that the Romanian Bessarabia, with whom we share the same historical background, the same civilization and the same language. There is a practical aspect of the problem: at present, the main trading partner of the Republic of Moldova Romania. Also, the major influx of tourists in Moldova comes from Romania, so naturally when we consider that the Republic of Moldova is of great interest to these objectives as well as the cities of Stephen the Great. In conclusion, we urge the start of negotiations with the Government as soon as it takes a government decision to regulate the access by Romanian citizens in Moldova only required to present ID. SUNDAY, 14:00, meet in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unity is strength! Each to announce all unionists friends!

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