marți, 10 martie 2015

Why us?

That to paraphrase the title of a Romanian film. Why must we suffer us that we have a bad medical system? I admit nor by this time I can not recover from the shock. How could they let an old woman to leave the hospital just in robe and pajamas? Without telling his family. However I understand that came with the old clothes to the hospital. I do not even want to imagine what she went through that family. She had a terrible end !! I can see I will not pay anyone. Why do we, the patients have to suffer? My grandmother is next month year since he died. When I went to my doctor issued the death certificate necessary for me at the door took two hours to an act made in 5 minutes. A few months ago my mother it was bad. I called the ambulance. I spent an hour after the ambulance. Meanwhile I called 112. Luckily it was not serious. A neighbor fainted in the street two hours after ambulance. Something outrageous !!!!!!! Why us? Are we to blame I chose to love our country and not leave? Are we to blame that there is nothing in the medical field? If the state can not, then give some laws to make and private hospitals, while the state, yet affordable. My dear readers, do not want to accuse me or curse me, I love my country more, but I have some moments, in certain matters, I agree with Sabin Gherman.

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