sâmbătă, 28 februarie 2015

Prepare Shevchuk's removal? Who will take his place?

Transnistria, a breakaway republic within the Republic of Moldova is most affected by the crisis. It is totally dependent on Russia. Now Russia does not have any money for it, then will give to others. The separatist authorities in Tiraspol have been denied by the Kremlin. The only solution is to approximate the country's reunification Chisinau (Moldova). But stubbornness of Tiraspol only causes suffering of ordinary people. Tiraspol protests have already begun. Shevchuk's dictatorial regime to collapse. I for one do not think there will be a new democratic leader. In fact, Shevchuk will be changed on the orders of Vladimir Putin. The new leader will be more favorable to Putin. It may take some mşsuri more democratic, but in no case will approach the region by the European Union

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