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Communiqué for the attention of the Ambassadors, in Romania, of the member states of the European Union as well as of other institutions, organizations and individuals potentially

Constitutional Group ”Timisoara”
Headquarters: Timisoara, 2 Salciei street, stairs C, apt.2
E-mail: forum.constitutional.timisoara@gmail.com
Web-Site: www.lorin-fortuna.ro
Phone: 0256 / 446595
Nr: 8 / 24.6.2014
for the attention of
the Ambassadors, in Romania, of the member states of the European Union as
well as of other institutions, organizations and individuals potentially
the undemocratic way, inconsistent with the constitutive political ideology of
the European Union (EU), in which certain component members of the
European Commission of the European Union, as well as other influence
factors, within the EU, do try, at present, to impose the election, as President
of the European Commission, of Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, representative of
the State of Luxembourg, as well as regarding other related matters.
(revised and completed edition)
for the information of:
President of Romania
Parliament of Romania – Senate
Parliament of Romania – Chamber of Deputies
Government of Romania
Constitutional Court of Romania
Constitutional Commission from Venice
Legislative Council of the Romania’s Parliament
Commission for the Revision of the Constitution, within Romania’s
Other institutions, organizations and individuals potentially concerned
The Constitutional Group “Timisoara” (CGT), set up in Timisoara, in the
year 2001, with a view of rendering evident the fact that Romania, owing to
the Constitution it has, is in fact a constitutionally-handicapped State, as well
as in order to establish the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum of Romania, set up
on 18.06.2010 and meant to coordinate the achievement of a model of
Constitutional Draft Bill of “State Supreme Law” type and not just of the type
of: Official Declaration of Constitutional Intents, taking knowledge from the
Mass-media reports about the situation created within the European Union
through the pressures made by the representatives of certain States on the
representatives of other States, members of the European Union, for the
designation as candidate for the position of President of the European
Commission, within the European Union, of Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker,
representative of the State of Luxembourg, deemed it necessary, in its
capacity as an authentic civic group in Romania, to make public the following
opinions and considerations regarding the situation mentioned above:
1. Jean-Claude Juncker , ex-Prime Minister of the State of Luxembourg,
proposed at the present moment, by the European People’s Party, as
candidate for the presidency of the European Commission of the
European Union, is known as a proponent of the transformation of the
European Union, from a Union of independent and sovereign States,
within the continent of Europe, into the: United States of Europe (which
should function on the model of the United States of America, namely
through the integration, in time, of the member States, into a federative
Super-State, with loss of state identity, as well as of population-
structuring, that the States in question had when joined the European
Union), with the risk of being dominated up to subordination or even
subjugation by the States that already showed in the past (example:
Germany) the vocation to impose, sometimes even at any cost.
The implementation of the strategy mentioned above is contrary to the
state ideology thought out by the foundation personalities of the
European Union, since it leads to a state situation in which the member
States come to be divided into qualitative categories, in which certain
States, that seized the Administrative Power within EU in order to keep it
as long as possible and exert it in a specific state-clientele-like way, come
to consolidate and even profit by it, at state level, while other States are
destabilized and even prejudiced, at state level.
We consider that such a situation was already created within the European
Union, under the leadership of the current leaders of the European Union,
and that Romania was prejudiced a lot, becoming a victim of such a
strategy of state-union management.
2. In the context pointed out above, the Constitutional Group
‘Timisoara’(CGT) appeals to all Romania’s MEPs (members of European
Parliament) to give proof of state dignity as MEPs within the European
Union and not to back up the election, as leaders of the European Union
and especially as important leaders, of any candidates proposed by the
state interests groups that are hostile and even inimical to Romania, as we
consider to be the candidates proposed and backed up by the European
People’s Party, as well as the candidates backed up by certain
representatives of some States that promoted an obviously hostile policy
towards Romania as well as towards other States, which they treated,
officially too, as 2nd category States or even 3rd category States, thus
causing them serious material damages and state image prejudices,
inclusively by the way in which they required the representatives of the
States in question to have an obedient attitude [see the public reference of
the undignified President of Romania: Traian Basescu to the so called “fire
flies” as well as the granting , at the “fire flies” order, of the most
important official State distinction: the Star of Romania, to the pseudo-
revolutionary and high-traitor: Laszlo Tokes (untried and unpunished yet,
according to his deeds) while the medal in question was not conferred, as
far as we know, to any authentic revolutionary, remarked for decisive
deeds for the victory of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 as
well as to any authentic and deserving patriot remarked for special actions
for Romania].
In the same context we do signal out even the acceptance of some official
relations based on corruption and/or personal intimidation (example:
request and even imposition of bribery, under the form of goods and/or
services, for personal use, for Romania’s adhering to the European Union,
respectively for the obtaining of some rights due to the member States, as
well as the “Brussels Dictate” to which Victor Viorel Ponta in his capacity
as Prime Minister was subjected, in a specific obedient and disgraceful
manner, not only for him but also for Romania) or even at State level
(example: the public threats uttered against Romania by the Germany’s
Chancellor Angela Merkel, in connection with the compulsoriness of
assuming and observing the consequences of the Ribbentrop-Molotov
Pact, in the conditions in which the odious pact ( concluded on 23.08.1939
between Germany, led by the dictator A. Hitler and USSR led by the
dictator I.V. Stalin) and especially the secret protocols of the respective
pact have been condemned at international level ( pact that the
Parliament of Romania declared null on 24.06.1991), but taking into
account the reaction of the Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, the pact
in question is not condemned and probably neither regretted by Germany.
The Constitutional Group “Timisoara” even requires that the Romanian
MEPs to refer, within the European Parliament, to the necessity that the
European Union to revert to the initial ideology, thought out by the
foundation personalities of the Union, and to this end no adversary of this
ideology should be sustained in order to be elected for an important
leading position within the European Union.
3. In view of the occult, subversive and destructive role that the adherents
to the occult, subversive and destructive masonic organizations involved in
the state implementation of the so called “new world order”, have in the
undermining, the perverting and the occult, subversive and destructive
agent-infiltrating up to becoming a mafia-like state and up to turning the
States of law into pseudo-States of law, the Constitutional Group
“Timisoara” urges the Romania’s MEPs to remember that in Romania, in
December 1989, took place a bloody revolution in which lost their lives,
were injured and fought real heroes who made these sacrifices not only for
themselves but also for the entire Romania, so that not to exist anymore
state relations, respectively international relations, based on subversion of
masonic type, but based only on dignified, respectful and mutually
beneficial cooperation at state level.
In light of the above the Constitutional Group “Timisoara” makes an
appeal to the Romania’s MEPs to distinguish themselves through the
dignity and courage to initiate, within the European Parliament, a “motion
of lustration” of the mason MEPs so that they cannot run for occupying
important leading positions within the European Union, constraining them
to declare publicly, on their own responsibility, as candidates for occupying
the positions in question, that they are not members of any masonic
organizations of occult, subversive and destructive type.
4. The Constitutional Group “Timisoara” wishes to inform, on this
occasion, the concerned leaders of the member States of the European
Union, that it has a considerable experience in achieving a state
Constitution of “State Supreme Law” type and not just of “Official
declaration of constitutional intents” type, as unfortunately for Romania is
the current state Constitution and as, from what we know, are the
Constitutions of other member States of the European Union too, this
being the cause that lays at the basis of the critical or even dangerous state
functioning , in time, of the respective States.
In the context mentioned above, we do express our surprise and also our
suspicion regarding the fact that it hasn’t been proceeded yet, by the
Constitutional Commission from Venice, to a serious warning, based on
rendering evident the obvious and very serious constitutional errors,
contained by the current state Constitution of Romania, errors that affect not
only the improving of the state legislating activity but the existence itself of
the national, sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible, republican,
democratic and social State of law, as Romania should be in accordance with
the provisions of Article 1 of the current Constitution, but it is not, just
because of the poor legislative quality of the Constitution it has at present.
We do exemplify the above by the non-defining as very serious offences, of
societal level, of the usurpation of the national Sovereignty; the grant of
priority for the exercising , by right and in fact, of the national Sovereignty, to
the elected bodies in prejudice of Referendum; the inadequate separation of
the main State powers, at central, district and local level; the non-
applicability of Article 47, paragraph 1, regarding the ensuring of the
minimum income necessary to a decent living within a social State; the
replacing of the legal liability with the political liability in the governing,
legislating, management activities, at state level; the absence of the death
penalty, so that not to be applied for the purpose of discouraging the
commitment of crimes, at societal level, by the governing policy and many
We announce all those interested in knowing the Constitutional Project
“Timisoara”, known also under the name of “Constitution from Timisoara “
that it is published both in Romanian and English language, on the websites:
www.lorin-fortuna.ro ; civilizationalism-virtual.blogspot.ro; virtual-
5. On the other hand, the Constitutional Group “Timisoara” considers it
necessary to call the attention of all representatives of the European Union to
the execrable moral and professional quality of the political-party like
category that seized, through abuse of national Sovereignty, media
manipulation, arbitrary infringement of legislation, unconstitutional and
subversive legislating a.o., the State Power in Romania and holds it through
same abuses in the context in which the electoral legislation has been thus
“made up” that, from the beginning, it does not give chances to the
independent candidates, but with rare exceptions, admitted probably, just in
order to avoid references to the annulment of the chances in question
(example: the current MEP Mircea Diaconu).
With reference to the above, we also render evident the fact that, in
Romania, which constitutionally is stipulated to be a democratic State, the
state referendums are organized and the referendum decisions are adopted
with a participation percentage, respectively with a decision adoption
percentage much under 51% (minimum allowed in a democratic State),
situation for which the Electorate is blamed, without taking into account that
the very low participation results from the lack of credibility of the current
political-party like category (that manipulates the state Population by media
means; there are also public accusations of fraudulent elections by means of
agents specialized to this end) and not from the Electorate indolence.
As a matter of fact, most of the electoral elections could and should be
contested officially owing to the lack of electoral quorum, specific to a
democratic State (minimum 51% of the Electorate), but in order not to
enforce a decision, adopted by referendum, namely to reduce Romania’s
Parliament to a single chamber with maximum 300 MPs, the respective
decision has been ignored by invoking, among other things, just the too small
quorum of the Electorate that attended the respective state referendum.
The current President of State Traian Basescu is insistently requested to
resign, for many reasons, the last being the fact that he knew that his brother
(at present indicted for corruption and under arrest) was involved in mafia-
like business but the President did not intervene to stop him.
On the other hand, the current Prime minister, whom the USA Vice President
John Biden (who recently made an official visit to Romania), when saw him,
he took the liberty of affirming, in his official speech, that he sees the future
President of Romania [but whom Viorel Catarama, a political leader of the
National Liberal Party after the Romanian Revolution of December 1989,
named (in a TV interview, made and released after the respective visit), as
being a political mafia-like person in the sense of being integrated in the
Romanian political-party-like mafia, is indicted in a plagiarism lawsuit and its
trial keeps adjourning, while the authentic revolutionaries of December 1989
accuse him that out of “driving back into the unconscious” specific to persons
unable to give proof of courage and dignity, but who are dominated by
ambitions without qualitative covering, on the one hand, as well as in order
to have funds to pay the multitude of occult and subversive agents who
ensure his political survival in the position he holds, on the other hand, he
has not proceeded yet to the refund of the pecuniary indemnities granted by
law, in a meritocratic way, to the authentic participants, with exceptional and
even decisive merits in the achieving of the Romanian Revolution of
December 1989, invoking officially the failure to purge the impostors (purge
that the Government itself should do and not the meritorious revolutionaries,
but the Government keeps postponing its carrying out, for more than a
decade, in order to hold in derision, in fact, inclusively in this way, the ideals
of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, as well as the meritorious
accomplishers of this fundamental event in the recent history of Romania].
We conclude this communiqué with the characterization made recently (in
the a.m. TV interview) by Viorel Catarama of the declassed political-party-like
category (to which he belongs too) that seized after the Romanian Revolution
of December 1989, in an arbitrary and illegitimate way, from the
revolutionary point of view, the Supreme State Power and the leadership of
Romania: “At this moment, the political parties are the best organized mafia-
like structures in Romania”.
In light of the above, the Constitutional Group “Timisoara” is asking for the
support of the good-faith leaders, from the European Union, in view of
performing an efficient disinfestation, from the moral and professional point
of view, of the political parties from Romania, starting with the leaders of the
respective parties, saying with regret that the degradation of this population
category took place inclusively owing to the noxious influence of political-
party- like, ethnic-irredentist, sexual-deviant, masonic, imperialist and even
mafia-like type, exercised over Romania by certain leaders and
representatives of the European Union, who are, in fact: malefactors, at
state, union-EU and continental level.
Head of the Constitutional Group ”Timisoara”
Lorin Fortuna

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