marți, 13 noiembrie 2012

Cable television in Romania

In Romania we have 4 big  providers: Rcs&Rds, Romtelecom, Upc, Next- Gen. They broadcast very much romanian channels. Most channels have poo r programs. However, because the large number of romanian  tv channels we can not see on the cable german channels( Ard, Zdf, Rtl, Pro 7, Sat  1), french( France 2 , France  3, France  5, TF1, M6) ,italian( RAI UNO, RAI DUE, RAI TRE, CANALE 5, ITALIA UNO).  We don't have moldavian channels( it is the same language in Romania and Moldova, so why we can't see Moldova 1 in Romania?)  We don;t have money to buy special equipment to watch channels free from satellite.

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