sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2012

We want unification

we unification

Dear friends,
On October 21 we will take to the streets to show that we care by more than three million Romanian politicians who were looking beyond national borders.
We have three million Romanian forget the poverty and insecurity. We have three million Romanian Russian occupation troops in the schoolyard. We have three million Romanian victims of their own politicians.
Do not you think it's time to be united?
On 21 October, 14.00 all meet in Victory Square.
You can not miss if it is a true Romanian.
Bessarabia must become a national priority. For this we take to the streets.
Come join us, but come with five friends - it's easy task and it's time to act like apostles. Man gathering humans and we are many.
Will leave the country. Enter the www.actiunea2012.ro for details and routes.
Unity is strength!!

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